Watch the video below as Pastor Trevor shares the heart behind investing in the future of Vineyard Boise and becoming debt free by August 2022!

Investing in a debt free future

  • Of the 23 acre campus, we own the vas majority outright with no note, no debt, including all the property & outbuildings (field, Front Porch, Youth Garage, i-61 building, etc). Remaining mortgage is only on the main building and the parking lot that surrounds it.

  • •The debt we owe on the main building ($785,904.54) reflects a refinancing we did 6 years ago (September 2013) that consolidated all our loans from various phases of our campus development- a little over 2 million at the time ($2,012,500). We’ve already diligently chipped away at the debt and have already paid down over $1.2 Million.

How can you join in and be a part?

Would you please prayerfully consider what you could contribute to a capital campaign over and above your regular tithing/giving?

We are suggesting a monthly pledge over the next 12 months, at which point we will update our progress and ask the current members to pledge for the next 12 months.

Alternatively, one-time gifts are greatly appreciated and helpful as well!


You can partner with us by either filling in the envelopes

on the tables on Sundays, or give online